Background checks can either be used as a basic search to check references or the background investigation can delve more into criminal records, driving records and identity verification. Depending on whether you need to check certain information or actually investigate into the accuracy of the information will help determine which kind of background check you will need.

Basic Background Check

A basic background check will include a base knowledge of public record information. These kinds of checks will not require as much time and energy when searching for information but they also will not provide in depth results. These may be used in basic job interviews or checking to make sure someone is who they say they are.

In these kinds of searches, a social security number may be run or employment history may be accessed to verify employment. This kind of background check may be more for verification purposes rather than discovering new information or exposing the truth.

Thorough Background Check

A more thorough background check will include a much more descriptive history of a person. There are multiple areas where thorough background checks can delve into. In many cases, a third party will do the investigating. Investigators will look into workplace background investigations, criminal records and education verification, just to name a few. They are much more comprehensive and include information that may be harder to find.

These checks are better for situations that may require absolute and total honesty in critical situations or if a job is high security to make sure the applicant is who they claim to be.

Need for Thorough Background Investigations

Background checks are important to conduct as this is the ultimate proof of whether someone is being truthful about their history, whether that be work experience, education or crimes committed. In a legal process, this factual information is important to keep everyone honest in their testimonials and statements.

The need over choosing a basic background check over a more thorough one ultimately depends on how classified the job or situation may be as well as how important underlying information is to the company, individual or legal case that needs it.

Choosing Investigators

If you choose a basic background check, you may not need to hire a third party to find out more information. You may need to simply pay a fee to look up someone by their name, address or social security number. However, if you are planning to have a more in depth background check, you will want to look into hiring an experienced investigator.

Having professional investigators is important to make sure accurate and well-researched information is presenting itself and a thorough background is actually taken place and not just a surface investigation that is not bringing all the necessary information forward.  Make sure to research or talk with the person who is conducting your background investigation to learn about their previous experience and where their specialty lies.